пятница, 28 января 2011 г.

The flying car.

Airphibian became the first-ever flying car which has received the certificate of Management of civil aircraft of the USA (Civil Aeronautics Administration).

In 1946 Robert Fulton undertakes creation of "The Flying amphibian" (Airphibian). He has resolved that instead of adaptation of the car to the sky it is necessary to adapt the plane for road. However, despite obvious success of the flying car, Fulton hasn't managed to finish it to mass production — it was not possible to find money.

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  1. Oh, this ought to be interesting. All the instructions for posting are in Russian, that makes perfect sense, but I'm not gifted in Russian. I do drink Vodka occasionally though.

    Hello, scireg, you'd paid me a visit and I wanted to return the favor. I love the little red airplane, it looks like it flew directly out of a Pixar feature.

    I also like what appears to be an armored cell-phone below. For heavy-duty texting of a sensitive or volatile nature :-)

    I like your blog. Now here's hoping I can figure out how to comment on it. I have fifty fifty chance of getting it right.