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Oleksandr Tokar: The outline sketch -  House "Earth"  (reg № 140987478)

Category architecture

The project offered two options for the scale of the conceptual module (quarter circle) with dimensions 4500h4500 mm 6000h6000 mm.House (version 1) - presented as a living cell with dimensions 6000h12000 mm, built-up area of 40 m2 with a total area of 77.8 m2, no corresponding area of job design, but gives an idea of the possibility of independent functioning of even a small amount.House (version 2) - submitted to the dimensions of 18000 x 12000 mm, built-up area - 120 m2, total area - 213 m2 at a height of 10.6 m. The residential home building (Option 3) - is presented with dimensions of 31500 x 9000 mm, the area buildings - 120 m2, total area - 236.5 m2 at a height of 7.84 meters at homeTo accommodate all of these options is suitable plot with a minimum area (according to the task) - 0,1 ha. For sites with a larger area, such as 0,2 and 0,3 ha, and as with most built-up area are invited to apply possible combinations.

Created 2011-01-18 11:11:56

Product The first game" ( reg № 251099073)
Category: SciReg catalog
Description of the First World War, in poetic form.
Created 2011-01-16 07:51:14

Product "Paladin"( reg № 349057081)

Category: SciReg каталог
Play songs "Paladin"
Created 2011-01-16 6:58:05

The hymn written for the project "World of Tanks" reg №1892364)

Category: SciReg каталог
Text of a hymn dedicated to the project "World of tanks"
Created 2011-01-16 6:44:17

Tolkien Jusupova's ideas (Tolkien Jusupov) in number of 50 pieces are placed
 ( reg № 232281513)

Category: SciReg каталог
By oral agreement with Tolkien Yusupov, placed his ideas in an amount of 50 pieces
Created 2011-01-15 4:46:16

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