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The most improbable research experiments!

The science has presented uncountable quantity of modern miracles to us: from laser beams up to soft as a plumelet of a toilet paper. But for the last years any more one scientist has descended from a way of useful scientific inventions and was engaged in mad, crazy researches.

But anybody in the madnesses didn't come further these people:

1.Charles Claude Gatri and two-headed Dog!

Charles Claude Gatri wasn't the mad villain at all, but because he lived in such epoch (the beginning of 1900th), fulling of various delirium, this man has spent some experiments which would frighten off all normal people except mad scientists.

Gatri was the first person who has sewn to a dog the second head, at least, for commercial objectives.

He has created a two-headed dog. Probably, it was his first step on a way of creation of a Cerberus, three-head of a dog, which you could see in the first film about Harry Potter.

2.Kevin Varik: the Cyborg!

Kevin Varvik, the British scientist and the professor of cybernetics, is allocated by special honor. He is the author of one of few mad experiments who continues to be spent now. His passion to robots is so strong that he wants to become the first person-cyborg.

Varvik implanted the chip himself into a hand which allowed him to supervise small, mainly not the cold subjects. It could turn off the light and open doors.

3.Attempts of doctor Dunkana MakDugalla to weigh soul!

Dunkan MakDugall is one of the most suspicious doctors whom we only met, and, apparently, likes to play such games as “Drink this raging liquid” or “Smell the rag moistened on air”, both from that, as we know, have appeared at all unhumorous after several rounds.

In the beginning of 20 centuries MakDugall has developed the theory that the soul has a weight. After the spent experiments, he even named figure - 21 gram. You ask: “What is the experiment?” MakDugall weighed souls of six dying patients during all experiment. About these patients it is written nothing: neither whom they were, nor what death have died. Last minutes them lives placed them on scales and weighed, as weigh meat in supermarkets. MakDugall also has repeated this experiment on dogs.

By results of research it was found out that differences in weight of people to death and after it has appeared insignificant, and dogs at all didn't diminish in weight. Then it turns out that at a two-headed dog of Gatri of a shower was absent absolutely, and it represented harm in the pure state.

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