вторник, 22 марта 2011 г.

The history of the person which hasn't died of the invention.

Really here there should be a long and a terrifying story about  doctor Joseph-Ignase Gilotine who has died of "hands" of the invention with the same name. However it will be a lie. The kind doctor has died own death in 1814. Why is the kind? Because  he tried to facilitate a fate sentenced to the death penalty through beheading his invention. Before executions it were made by means of a sword or an axe, and executioners not always managed to be beheaded from the first — it was required two and even three blows. Doctor Gilotin thought it is inhumane and in general supported full abolition of capital punishment. He considered the invention as a transitive stage in this business.


пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.

Scientists have made discovery which will prove life existence on Mars.

Scientists have made serious discovery in the decision of a riddle of possible existence of life on Mars. Experts have found out on the Red planet samples mountain breed in which the hardened traces of life can contain. 

Samples of rock which can definitively confirm the theory about life existence on the Red planet, have been found out at research of Martian hollow Nili Fossae (the Channel of Nile).

According to scientists, this hollow is analog of area in Australia where samples of life on the Earth have remained in a kind fossils early. Opening has been made thanks to special equipment NASA which allows to study Martian breeds by means of the infra-red analysis.

The scientist of the Californian Institute of search of extraterrestrial reason (SETI) Adrian Brown heading similar researches of the Red planet, has assumed that the hydrothermal processes which have kept up to now ancient samples of life on the Earth, could occur in the past and on Mars around the Channel of Nile.

The approximate age of samples of rocks from Mars makes about 4 billion years. It is necessary to notice that age of the planet somewhere 4,65 billion years.


четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

The Italian critics have found out a sensational find on the well-known portrait of Mona Lizy of work Leonardo da Vinci. It represents the secret code number.

According to the president of the Italian National committee of a cultural heritage of Silvano Vincheti, in the eyes of Dzhokondy the smallest letters and figures are traced. They are difficultly distinguishable for a naked eye. However at use of magnifying glass they can be disassembled.

According to the expert, in the right pupil of Mona Lizy it is possible to consider Latin letters "LV" that Leonardo da Vinci can concern the initials. In the left eye of a letter are read hardly and, according to experts, it or СE, or B.

On a back background of a picture, in a bridge curved arch, number 72 is distinguishable. Though, according to experts, the seven can be a letter "L".

Value of these signs for the present isn't deciphered. Now experts puzzle over a solution of the code concluded in the eyes of Dzhokondy.


среда, 16 марта 2011 г.

Scientists have opened substance of friendship Scientists from the USA have found out a hormone which directly influences friendly behavior of people. Its name – oxytocin.

This hormone, getting to blood, causes in the person sense of euphoria, happiness, the person becomes kinder and more friendly.

Earlier was considered that this hormone is allocated only at physical contact: hand shakes, embraces, touches. But scientists from Viskonsinsky university in Madison have been shaken by the new, stunning opening, concerning the hormone. 

During research of group of volunteers, they have found out that for hormone development, vocal vibrations of the loved one quite suffice. The stress, after "experimental" examination easily acted in film thanks to a voice of the loved one. It has proved an essential role of a voice on a psychological condition of the person.

Uniqueness of research consists that scientists managed to explain direct influence of a voice on mood of the person. The given fact will allow to be engaged in working out of new researches in the field of vocal influence on people.


воскресенье, 13 марта 2011 г.

In Russia have invented a genius injection.

Scientists consider that some years the person will reach all peak physical and mental faculties and will start to degrade. But it can be avoided if we reflect that we eat intime.

Anybody can not think up a medicine without by-effects  But last researches have shown: to prolong life or to make of the usual person of the genius it is possible with the help... Waters.

Recently American scientist has found out that DNA has a weak electromagnetic field and can be transferred to other object by means of water. For example, you will drink a glass of water from DNA of the genius in a room with a certain magnetic field, and in your organism changes will start to occur. Your own DNA will be reconstructed, and you can adopt a part of a code of the ingenious person, that is possess its possibilities. Absolutely without serious consequences.

As it is possible to set any program to a code and to cipher in water everything that want, - the brave soldier, good mother, the talented writer or the fine cook.

While laboratory researches aren't finished, but already is now clear that these experiments become revolutionary. The DNA sportsmen, great musicians, artists can share. Healthy can transfer the DNA to patients. Cheerful people - to pessimists. Workaholics - to idlers. The people not subject to dependences, - to addicts. Even it will be possible to transfer sense of humour in a water glass. DNA of the donor can cure of any ilnesses and then medicines in general more never will be necessary.


среда, 9 марта 2011 г.

English scientists have opened a happiness secret.

The group of English scientists of University of Edinburgh has come to a conclusion that level of happiness of the person depends on genes substantially . 
Scientists interested the people who do not have habits to anxiety, sociable and responsible. In other researches all these three components contacted sensation of happiness or well-being as they serve as the original buffer in the event that the person appears in a stressful situation.
Results have shown that genes can answer, at least, for half of the character traits doing us happy. Second half is connected with a way of life, career and mutual relations. Those who inherits certain genes of predisposition fortunately, receive an emotional reserve which is realized at the time of disasters and accelerates restoration of the person.


The most significant modern discoveries. Memrec: eye movement operates by the computer.

The device has been created for people who can't operate the computer mouse for some reasons, especially because of a physical defect. Eye movement replaces mouse movement, management of the chamber. The winking replaces pressing of keys a mouse. Replacement of the usual chamber by infra-red - the following development cycle.
Other advantage of this device - very competitive low price - approximately 5 000 Czech crones (287$).
The device has been invented by scientists from the Czech Technical University of Prague.


четверг, 3 марта 2011 г.

Scientists have proved soul existence.

It appears, the consciousness, the soul of the person, continues to exist even after the brain has ceased to function, and there has come clinical death. 

The work presented at the Californian Technical institute, has revived disputes on existence of life after death and such ephemeral substance as a human soul. 

"Our researches are remarkable that we communicated with group of people at total absence of brain activity", - Sam Parnia, one of two doctors of Sautgemptonsky Hospital who studied ear-death experience - NDE informs.
During the researches spent on 63 patients, were in a condition of clinical death, only seven could remember any details about the week stay "in the next world". Four from visited condition NDE described accurate and clear pictures which they saw already after doctors ascertained total absence of functions of a brain. As a rule, patients tell about sensation of rest, the world and harmony, light column, road to other measurement and dialogue with the died relatives.

Parnia says that a brain deprived of oxygen, not in a condition to remember an event, therefore the data gathered only on the basis of indications of patients with the lowered level of oxygen.

Researchers have interrogated in total more than 3 000 persons the majority from which were in a critical condition during enough long period of time. Scientists notice that many were afraid to go mad because of the seen.

The most courageous hypotheses assert that the consciousness of the person isn't connected absolutely not with a brain, and only uses gray substance as the transceiver of signals, transferring and projecting thoughts in acts.


The inventor of an antiquity.

The philosopher and mathematician Pifagor was known not only the philosophical school and the contribution to mathematics. He was  the excellent fist fighter. In 588 year B.C. he became the champion of 48 Olympic games. First he should act in a youthful category, but then he have put in man's and he has won. 

Then the boxing was much more cruel and bloody piece, than now.

The name Pifagor is made of two half and means "beginning to see clearly harmony".


вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

The simple and unusual way to cope with a pain was opened by scientists.

Once much of us had to suffer a pain in an office of the doctor: to hand over blood, to do pricks. And having caught sight of the aunty in white we often react equally: we try to turn away and grit teeth if it is not only to see process. Also has put at all that during this moment it is possible to pass something interesting, and that, simply having looked at a prick place, it is possible... to reduce painful sensations, scientists from University college of London and University of Milan-Bikokka confirm.