среда, 19 января 2011 г.

The most foolish inventions

1.You shouldn't have a feeling of inconvenience before own hamster for any more that you without it descended on baseball or in an impressionism museum. Next time take a rodent with itself in this a miracle-zheletke. But consider that the trip to the underground to rush hour can damage an initial design of a hamster considerably.

2.You, of course, not the cannibal, but sometimes would like to bite off to the chief an ear. Then this piece for you. All that is necessary for making is to insert into an aperture a small vegetable marrow or an eggplant when it will ripen will get the form of you have embodied what face in a mask. Now you can not only bite off to it an ear, but also prepare from a head of the enemy caviar.

3.Diaper for a horse. And here this invention can and not absolutely foolish. Especially for those cities where horse platoons of police hunt for dog lovers who don't clean an ability to live waste for the pupils. Thus still it has been never fixed a case that the policeman of tears from a horse and has cleared the road from 4 kg of that the horsy has left.

4.The cap with the field-glass doesn't need comments.

5.Butt with beer which can be carried on a head.

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