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SciReg.org is a universal system enabling registration of scientific and creative information as well as protection of copyright and intellectual property.

You can register now by SciReg.org:

  • Inventions
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Technical Works
  • Business Ideas
  • Technical Ideas
  • Website & Online Works
  • Computer Programs
  • Written Materials, Books, Articles
  • Musical Compositions
  • Sound Recordings
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts, Graphics, Logotypes
  • Performing Arts & Screenplays
First two registrations are free!
Register the copyrights and receive full legal protection.


1. The author registers in the system and confirms his/her registration after having received a corresponding message from the system. Along with the confirmation link, this message contains the registrant data, full text of the Public Offer, and a brief list of frequently asked questions with answers to them. After this free registration, the author gains an access to a "personal office" (account), where he/she should fill in the form fields – publication name, description (synopsis, author’s abstract), etc., as well as alterations in data display modes, etc. The author reviews the registration data and proceeds to the stage of uploading of the master file (depositing). 

2The first 2 registration free of charge to each user. Follow the registration fee. The author pays the registration of personal bank card, the downloaded file is published and certified, and receives a registered. The transaction time (payment transmission) can take a period varying from several minutes to 24 hours. Official notification of each registered object (Defensive Application) are sent to the patent offices of major countries and international patent organization.
3The author enters the password in a corresponding field of his/her "personal office" and uploads the archive (or non-archived content) of his/her publication to the server. The archive can be password-protected or encoded; the system does not control the file content. The size of an uploaded file (archive) should not exceed 7 MB. Any program codes and executable files registered in the system should be archived by any method that is favorable to the author. Non-archived program codes, program code elements, executable files, or scripts will be regarded as attempts to impair the system servers, and will be deleted.
4 Within 1 day from the date of file uploading, the author download the certificate by reference to the author's personal office in the "files". This certificate includes: 
authors’ exact data
registration date and publication name
file name and complete description
archive size
exact date and time of the publication (depositing)
transaction (money transfer) data of the author’s bank and the Register merchant account
security code.
5.The author can disclose the information about himself/herself (public access) and his/her publication, or block the public access to any information. In the latter case, only the publication name and synopsis (author’s abstract) will be available for free access. 
The author can change the access level at any time via his/her account control panel.

Security levels:

The authorship is fixed per publication once and forever in the data stored on the servers, as well as in the certificate. The information about the author cannot be changed. All the information uploaded by the author is stored (backed up) on 3 independent servers in different data centers.
The publication date and time are fixed in accordance with the bank’s payment documents or electronic payment system (number, time and date, transaction code) of the payer.
The publication date and time are fixed during registration and file uploading to the server.
The publication date and time are fixed by the merchant account upon the receipt of money on the Register account (number, time and date, transaction code, payer).
The publication openness level, as well as the author’s data can be open or hidden if so desired by the author.
The author bears full legal responsibility for his/her publication to the extent that he/she is the actual author (copyright holder) of the published material.

Advantages of this universal Register:

Any publications, including text, graphic, scientific, music, program codes, scripts are subject to copyright registration in the universal register system without any limitations whatsoever, except for the size of the uploaded file, which should be max 7 MB.
Actually, copyright registration is carried out instantaneously, with no preliminary expert reviews when leakages of valuable information may occur.
Copyright registration entirely conforms to the copyright protection laws applicable in the USA, Russia, European Union, as well as to international agreements.
Thus, 100 % identification of the publication author and his/her 100 % protection can be ensured since all payment information is kept in different banks (payment systems), and this information is absolutely independent.
The authors’ certificate and the Register data can be used in legal proceedings of any level.
The website retrieval system enables independent search by different subjects.

Certificate example

Most popular frequently asked questions about copyright registration.

1. What are the advantages of copyright registration in the SciReg system for the author?
Answer: The author immediately registers his/her priority for a work, and deposits materials (or a major part of these materials) of this work. A brief description (synopsis, summary, author’s abstract) of the works becomes accessible to all visitors of the register. Hereinafter, if you decide to somehow dispose of your work – sell, lend, will if any disputable situation arises, the SciReg certificate will confirm that it is you who are the author of this work and the exact date of your registration.

2.How safe is registration in the SciReg system? Is there any hack or deletion of the system materials possible? Is there any modification in the author’s data possible?
Answer: The registration process is absolutely secure, and any hack of the system has no sense. Copyright is not time-limited, indestructible by nature and cannot be rejected from the author. Apart from depositing and backup of files of the author’s materials, a number of bank transactions through different banks and checkout system are performed during registration. These bank accounts and checkout are absolutely independent, and their information cannot be modified either generally or separately. All transactions specify the payer’s name and part of the payer’s details, as well as the purpose of payment. 
Thus, it is required for the payment to be made by a payment card, banking or electronic private account of the author. In this case, complete legal and information security will be provided.

3.Somebody has registered my work earlier than me and has indentified himself/herself as the author. How can I prove my authorship?
Answer: First, perform your own registration in the SciReg system, and immediately apply to the court. Your evidence, certificate and other documents of the SciReg system, as well as your personal evidence of authorship – rough copies, earlier published materials on the subject, other evidence in your disposal that prove your position will be submitted to the court. Also, your opponent’s materials, i.e. documents of the SciReg system will be submitted to the court. In this case, the court will detect evident and proved elements of crime in the activities of your opponent, and inflict penalty for the guilty party in accordance with the legislation of the suitor court’s country.

4.What are the cases when a publication can be used without the author’s consent?
Answer: A material may be used without the author’s consent and without payment of the author’s royalty, but with mandatory indication of the author’s name, whose material is used, and the source of borrowing:
1. quotation in the original and in translations for scientific, research, polemic, critical, and information purposes from legally disclosed materials in the volume justified by the quotation purposes, including reproduction of extracts from newspaper and magazine articles in the form of press reviews;
2. use of legally disclosed materials and their extracts as illustrations in educational publications, radio and TV programs, audio and video records in the volume justified by the stated objective;
3. reproduction in newspapers, broadcast or message by cable for general public of legally published in newspapers or magazines articles covering current economic, political, social and religious issues or broadcast materials of the same nature, provided that such reproduction, broadcast or message by cable are not expressly prohibited by the author;
4. reproduction in newspapers, broadcast or message by cable for general public, of pronounced in public politic speeches, addresses, reports and other similar materials in the volume justified by the information purposes. However, the author reserves the right to publish such materials in collected books;

5. reproduction or communication for general public in reviews of current events by photographic means, broadcast or communication for general public by cable of materials, which become seen or heard in the process of such events, in the volume justified by the information purposes. However, the author reserves the right to publish such materials in collected books;
6. reproduction of legally disclosed materials, without deriving of profit, by the embossed alphabet or other specific methods for the blind, except for the materials specially created for such reproduction methods.

5. Can I sell my author’s materials (inventions, images, discoveries) using your resource?
Answer: A properly composed name and a description facilitate the interest of potential customers or clients. Also, we recommend providing true contact details for potential clients or investors to contact you. If you do not want to make free access to your contact data, potential clients can communicate to the SciReg system about their interests in the author’s material, and the SciReg system will provide transfer of the customer’s contact information to the author. This service is free.

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