воскресенье, 13 марта 2011 г.

In Russia have invented a genius injection.

Scientists consider that some years the person will reach all peak physical and mental faculties and will start to degrade. But it can be avoided if we reflect that we eat intime.

Anybody can not think up a medicine without by-effects  But last researches have shown: to prolong life or to make of the usual person of the genius it is possible with the help... Waters.

Recently American scientist has found out that DNA has a weak electromagnetic field and can be transferred to other object by means of water. For example, you will drink a glass of water from DNA of the genius in a room with a certain magnetic field, and in your organism changes will start to occur. Your own DNA will be reconstructed, and you can adopt a part of a code of the ingenious person, that is possess its possibilities. Absolutely without serious consequences.

As it is possible to set any program to a code and to cipher in water everything that want, - the brave soldier, good mother, the talented writer or the fine cook.

While laboratory researches aren't finished, but already is now clear that these experiments become revolutionary. The DNA sportsmen, great musicians, artists can share. Healthy can transfer the DNA to patients. Cheerful people - to pessimists. Workaholics - to idlers. The people not subject to dependences, - to addicts. Even it will be possible to transfer sense of humour in a water glass. DNA of the donor can cure of any ilnesses and then medicines in general more never will be necessary.

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  1. Thank you for reading my blog and caring about my son. My husband still wants him to get out of Hawaii but he loves it there. He councils American soldiers. I guess wherever he is happy he needs to be there.

  2. Interesting , but I 'll think tgeir are lots of water will reach the sea before they'll have that knowldege in hand . Tnen , hopefully it doesn't fall in wrong hands ! Nice Blog !