четверг, 3 марта 2011 г.

Scientists have proved soul existence.

It appears, the consciousness, the soul of the person, continues to exist even after the brain has ceased to function, and there has come clinical death. 

The work presented at the Californian Technical institute, has revived disputes on existence of life after death and such ephemeral substance as a human soul. 

"Our researches are remarkable that we communicated with group of people at total absence of brain activity", - Sam Parnia, one of two doctors of Sautgemptonsky Hospital who studied ear-death experience - NDE informs.
During the researches spent on 63 patients, were in a condition of clinical death, only seven could remember any details about the week stay "in the next world". Four from visited condition NDE described accurate and clear pictures which they saw already after doctors ascertained total absence of functions of a brain. As a rule, patients tell about sensation of rest, the world and harmony, light column, road to other measurement and dialogue with the died relatives.

Parnia says that a brain deprived of oxygen, not in a condition to remember an event, therefore the data gathered only on the basis of indications of patients with the lowered level of oxygen.

Researchers have interrogated in total more than 3 000 persons the majority from which were in a critical condition during enough long period of time. Scientists notice that many were afraid to go mad because of the seen.

The most courageous hypotheses assert that the consciousness of the person isn't connected absolutely not with a brain, and only uses gray substance as the transceiver of signals, transferring and projecting thoughts in acts.

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  1. We are more than our brain, our bodies. The day is coming when Science will have to acknowledge the Spirituality of who and what we are.

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