четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

The Italian critics have found out a sensational find on the well-known portrait of Mona Lizy of work Leonardo da Vinci. It represents the secret code number.

According to the president of the Italian National committee of a cultural heritage of Silvano Vincheti, in the eyes of Dzhokondy the smallest letters and figures are traced. They are difficultly distinguishable for a naked eye. However at use of magnifying glass they can be disassembled.

According to the expert, in the right pupil of Mona Lizy it is possible to consider Latin letters "LV" that Leonardo da Vinci can concern the initials. In the left eye of a letter are read hardly and, according to experts, it or СE, or B.

On a back background of a picture, in a bridge curved arch, number 72 is distinguishable. Though, according to experts, the seven can be a letter "L".

Value of these signs for the present isn't deciphered. Now experts puzzle over a solution of the code concluded in the eyes of Dzhokondy.

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