пятница, 18 марта 2011 г.

Scientists have made discovery which will prove life existence on Mars.

Scientists have made serious discovery in the decision of a riddle of possible existence of life on Mars. Experts have found out on the Red planet samples mountain breed in which the hardened traces of life can contain. 

Samples of rock which can definitively confirm the theory about life existence on the Red planet, have been found out at research of Martian hollow Nili Fossae (the Channel of Nile).

According to scientists, this hollow is analog of area in Australia where samples of life on the Earth have remained in a kind fossils early. Opening has been made thanks to special equipment NASA which allows to study Martian breeds by means of the infra-red analysis.

The scientist of the Californian Institute of search of extraterrestrial reason (SETI) Adrian Brown heading similar researches of the Red planet, has assumed that the hydrothermal processes which have kept up to now ancient samples of life on the Earth, could occur in the past and on Mars around the Channel of Nile.

The approximate age of samples of rocks from Mars makes about 4 billion years. It is necessary to notice that age of the planet somewhere 4,65 billion years.

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  1. I'm not suprized about that ! I THink something billion years ago went wrong with our sister olanet !

    Nic blog !