среда, 9 марта 2011 г.

English scientists have opened a happiness secret.

The group of English scientists of University of Edinburgh has come to a conclusion that level of happiness of the person depends on genes substantially . 
Scientists interested the people who do not have habits to anxiety, sociable and responsible. In other researches all these three components contacted sensation of happiness or well-being as they serve as the original buffer in the event that the person appears in a stressful situation.
Results have shown that genes can answer, at least, for half of the character traits doing us happy. Second half is connected with a way of life, career and mutual relations. Those who inherits certain genes of predisposition fortunately, receive an emotional reserve which is realized at the time of disasters and accelerates restoration of the person.

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  1. It's correct what you discribe this ! This morning I was a victim of cruelty in the traffic ! Some people are worser than animals . My grandson was afraid of the agressivity of the man ! I'm a ^peacefull man and try to set this to my grandchildren ! Hopefully they good dr good genes !

    Nice blog and very interresting !

  2. The study of the human body and genetics is a complex one, perhaps we will never fully understand.

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  3. I agree with your words
    But happiness really know the truth when you are in life and you know why you are in life


  4. I do not think it is fair to come to a conclusion that people who have anxiety are not responsible or sociable. A loved one of mine is very responsible from the smallest task she takes to the biggest job including her career. Never ever did she disregarded anyone's feelings or has done anything irresponsible so its effects can harm anyone. As a matter of fact her anxiety makes her look at everything she does so no one can get hurt. As far as being sociable is concerned people with anxiety may be a little shy for the reasons of leaving a wrong first impression. I know that you are reporting a study but hey studies are based on surveys which are based on facts.