среда, 16 марта 2011 г.

Scientists have opened substance of friendship Scientists from the USA have found out a hormone which directly influences friendly behavior of people. Its name – oxytocin.

This hormone, getting to blood, causes in the person sense of euphoria, happiness, the person becomes kinder and more friendly.

Earlier was considered that this hormone is allocated only at physical contact: hand shakes, embraces, touches. But scientists from Viskonsinsky university in Madison have been shaken by the new, stunning opening, concerning the hormone. 

During research of group of volunteers, they have found out that for hormone development, vocal vibrations of the loved one quite suffice. The stress, after "experimental" examination easily acted in film thanks to a voice of the loved one. It has proved an essential role of a voice on a psychological condition of the person.

Uniqueness of research consists that scientists managed to explain direct influence of a voice on mood of the person. The given fact will allow to be engaged in working out of new researches in the field of vocal influence on people.

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  1. sunday I had a discussion with friends ; How communicate baby's and little children ? My grandchild and the other one . Did'nt know each other , but they notice they can play with each other ! Nice blog !