понедельник, 7 февраля 2011 г.

Albert Einstein's nine secrets.

The whole world considered the founder of the theory of a relativity not only the great physicist, but a wise man and the oracle.   A cigar and babies, telescopes and towers named in his honor . He was suggested to become the president of Israel. Ladies, having seen him, fainted, and one girl has asked: "And are you really?"

Einstein had a special way of thinking. He allocated those ideas which were inelegant or disharmonious. The scientist trained ability in himself to rise over a problem, to see it from an unexpected foreshortening and to find not ordinary way out. When he appeared at deadlock, played a violin, and suddenly  the decision emerged in a head.

Self-sufficiency. He spoke "I" and didn't allow to say to anybody "we". His close friend only time saw unperturbable Einstein in fury when the wife has said forbidden "we".

 Einstein became isolated in loneliness often. It was a childhood habit. He began to talk  in 7 years because didn't wish to communicate.

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