пятница, 18 февраля 2011 г.

The mankind history stores a great number of the facts, funny things, stories in itself which reflect the persons of great people as a small mirrors.

Once english mathematician Abraham de Muavr  has found out  in the head  that duration of his dream becomes for 15 minutes longer in a day. Having made an arithmetic progression, he has defined a date when it would reach 24 hours — on November, 27th, 1754. This day he has died.

Unbreakable glass has been invented casually. In 1903 the French chemist Edward Benediktus has dropped a flask filled with nitrocellulose unintentionally. Glass has burst, but hasn't scattered on small slices.  Benediktus has made the first windshields of modern type to reduce quantity of victims of car accidents.

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