среда, 9 февраля 2011 г.

Thought-reading on distance is a matter of time.

Recent opening of scientists from Max Planck's institute according to which our brain makes the decision how we learn about it. However it is a question not of science fiction, and that becomes a reality already in the near future. 

The police can shortly trace occurrence of suspicious brain activity from distance. 

The occasion to a panic isn't present - the government can't read our thoughts. While. Existing devices only read out changes occurring in a brain and aren't able to define thought and intention.

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  1. Thank goodness for that, we haven't stepped into Thje Minority Report yet.

  2. A scary proposition! I hope I am long gone when this comes to reality. Determining my intent would be a challenge though to anyone. :-)

  3. Excellent site, I will enjoy following your many posts and invite you to follow my site so that we may enjoy your many scientific perspectives.

    In Lak, ech, my sister, love is all there is...

  4. Have I told you later how much I enjoy coming here?

  5. SciReg, you are our girl on the science scene. Thank you for keeping us up on the latest important to know, info. Even a Hobo can learn. I like it!
    Greetings from the USA. Hope this comment finds you feeling good.

  6. Thanks for your comment, ED BULEY. I am glad that you like my blog.^_^