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The British scientists have collected together the most interesting psychological facts concerning love. When the person endures a love stage the neural chains reacting to public opinion, choke. Therefore the enamoured doesn't pay attention to opinion of friends and relatives concerning object of their love.

1.Some people asserting that has been never enamoured, suffer the rare illness which is not allowing the person to feel emotion of love.

2.The majority of people fall in love about 7 times before marriage.
3.The term "love" has occurred from «lubhyati» (Sanskrit) and means "desire".
4.Wedding rings often carry on a ring finger of the left hand as ancient Greeks asserted that through this finger there passes a vein «amoris», or «a love vein» which goes directly to heart.
5.Researches show that if the man and the woman meet in an extreme situation probability that they will fall in love with each other, much more above than if it has occurred in usual conditions, for example, at office.
6.Love lasts hardly more than a year, so much brain is biologically capable to keep a condition of romantic pleasure.

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  1. I didn't know love was complicated , hahaha
    Point five I didn't now but point four I knew , 'cause my greatest hobby is history !
    Very interesting blog sci or... My real name is Luke .

  2. I sort of knew point 6 out of experience, but 4 and 5 is news! :) Thanks for sharing and second thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Very interesting post on love. It still remains undefined in the whole, and entirely subjective. I knew 6 must be true! Thank you for sharing!