вторник, 15 февраля 2011 г.

F.A.Q. about SciReg.

Is any leakage of critical scientific, creative information possible to third parties during copyright registration? 

Answer: The SciReg system ensures absolute confidentiality and operational efficiency during registration of the author’s material. The user is entitled not only to block free access to the author’s material; he/she is also entitled to carry out any type of coding or other cryptoprotection of the registered material. The SciReg system will store the material description prepared by the author, and his/her registration data, as well as main characteristics of the uploaded material – file size, registration date, transaction data. Traditional patenting, scientific publication, and patent examining are quite prolonged and complicated procedures, when many people somehow gain access to the author’s information, and may use the author’s materials for malicious purposes.

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