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F.A.Q. about SciReg

What are the advantages of copyright registration in the SciReg system for the author?
Answer: The author immediately registers his/her priority for a work, and deposits materials (or a major part of these materials) of this work. A brief description (synopsis, summary, author’s abstract) of the works becomes accessible to all visitors of the register. Hereinafter, if you decide to somehow dispose of your work – sell, lend, will if any disputable situation arises, the SciReg certificate will confirm that it is you who are the author of this work and the exact date of your registration.

What material can I register as the author?
Answer: Any work, the author of which you actually are. It can be a text material, drawing, invention and its description, technology, commercial idea, any text material, research article, theory, hypothesis, any music material, any program code, any graphic picture, photo, or video.

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