вторник, 22 февраля 2011 г.

"The person is degrading...In the future a brain will be only", the Chinese scientists consider.

"Physical abilities of people regress steadily", the Chinese scientists have found out. If in the ancient time the person could pass a day before 50 kilometers, pass astride a horse - 500 whereas now some sportsmen are capable of it only.

For example, in the future short-sightedness will consider as a norm because everybody will be have a short-sightedness. Nobody will know that human eyes can see far.

With the further development of technologies the plot of a film "Matrix" will cease to be a subject of sneers, Chineses are afraid. People will delegate the destinies in the power of computer science and technologies completely, and will plunge into the virtual world of the computer. The mankind degrades so that their brain remains the unique human body, capable to function, and other bodies will atrophy and become useless. There will be only a human brain which the computer will operate, the Chinese author predicts.

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